Content Management Systems

Every client has their own needs, which is why we have specialised in WordPress. Using this content management system, a website can be customised to your wishes – and not the other way around. Besides WordPress, we also use Symfony frameworks which can be used to create complex websites. Both these tools have a large community behind them, are future-proof and provide two important qualities: flexibility and easy handling.

Social Apps

Your website is full of great content? Perfect – that is the starting point for social apps: We integrate social media on your website via interfaces so that customers can like and share your content on Facebook and other sites with just one click. This, in turn, will make their friends become aware of you and your company. Our experienced content marketing specialists will help you create content that is of interest to your target audience.

Domains, Hosting & Certificates

You will have to take the first step towards a new website yourself. But after you have made the decision, we’d love to walk the rest of the way with you. From buying a domain to hosting to the SSL certificate: We have years of experience and the right partners in Austria, Germany and worldwide to get to the finish line together.

Conversion Optimisation

In designing and implementing websites, conversion optimisation is an essential factor for us. Meaning: It’s as easy as possible for the user to take a specific predefined action. It’s a win-win – more leads for you, ease of use for your (future) customers. But building a website or optimising it once is not enough – we can constantly improve your website via split-testing. You will never again adjust your website blindly, but always based on cold, hard facts.

Search Engine Optimisation

When implementing a website, one thing is self-evident to us: It needs to be easy to find. From the start, we create search engine optimised code and content. Your website will not only look good; it will also be seen by the right people.