Video Marketing Strategy

Video marketing is more than producing one corporate film and using for each and every purpose. As a starting point, a strategy is needed – and we’d love to develop that strategy with you. It, in turn, is part of your overall content strategy: What content is interesting for my target audience? And what parts of it are suited to become video content? Strategy is the foundation for concept, production and marketing.

Video Content

We produce your videos from A to Z, comprising a variety of genres and distribution channels. An informational film, an entire YouTube channel, an animated gif to be published on Facebook, a video display ad – fitted to the respective channel. The focus is always on conveying content as part of your content strategy in the best possible way.

Video Marketing and Advertising

Producing one or more videos is not the end of it – we know how to get your video to its audience. Embedded in your marketing mix, we manage and advertise your YouTube channel, place PreRolls and video banners and boost your Facebook videos using precise targeting. This is what makes Pulpmedia your one-stop shop for video marketing.