Workshop & Consulting

Being active on social media channels means making time for your customers – we will gladly look after this important field of marketing for you. To get the beat out of you social media presence, we will develop a content strategy as well as a workflow for publishing and feedback with you in a workshop. You will stay on top of planned content and can decide for yourself what should be published.

Content Strategy

You want to familiarise your customers with your company? Social networks provide a host of possibilities for you. After getting to know you and your company, we will find appropriate content, prepare and publish it. Naturally, this is an ongoing process involving regular joint meetings. Using a set schedule, you’ll always be aware what is published when and where as well as getting a preview of any and all posts.

Mobilisation Campaigns

Social media marketing is at its most effective and pleasant if you have active fans and followers. To retain them as well as gain new ones, we recommend ongoing mobilisation campaigns as well as putting them at the start of your social media activities. Contests or raffles lend themselves to this; but even better are innovative, creative ideas that will command social network users’ attention.

Monitoring & Analysis

It’s easier to make business decisions when you have facts to base them on. Using Google Analytics, we can tell you who visits your website and where they’re coming from. Using Reputation Monitoring, we can tell you who’s talking about your company in social networks, on blogs, news portals and forums. You’ll be able to constantly optimise client relations, keeping you one step ahead of the competition.