You have decided to use online advertising to get internet users to notice your company? We can help you search for relevant advertising spaces that reach your target audience. We can show you when and where to best place your ads as well as implement the placements and keep a close eye on budget and advertising period. There will be no unpleasant surprises for you.

Real-Time Advertising

Real-Time Advertising (RTA) is automated buying of display advertising in real time. Using Pulpmedia’s trading desk, your display, mobile, social, or video campaigns can be launched accurately and your target audience can be reached at an effectively obtainable price point. We can show you when and where to best place your ads as well as handle your real-time advertising activities via our in-house trading desk, while always keeping an eye on budget and targeting.

Google AdWords

Google offers the advertising option to get top placement before or next to organic Google search results. To get your target audience to notice Google ads, we can research suitable keywords for you, create copy for your Google AdWords campaign, and target the right people – constantly keeping an eye on performance and optimising your ads.

Facebook Ads

Facebook is a great platform for advertising. Audiences can be targeted precisely, enhancing your company’s profile as well as increasing your ads’ reach. Since your Facebook ads blend into your target audience’s stream, they get noticed but aren’t disruptive.


Successful customer retention might not always be possible at first click. That’s why we can get visitors who are interested in your product and have visited your website but haven’t completed a purchase to notice your company anew using retargeting. After all, you might be able to persuade them at a later point in time.