Workshop & Consulting

To implement flawless content marketing, we need to get to know you. We need to understand your company, capture your goals. Over the course of a workshop, we will develop the public image of your company. Together, we will define what you want – and what you don’t want. Using a persona, we will make your target audience more tangible and tailor your content marketing specifically to you.

Rich Content Production

You have a lot to tell the world? Lots of information to impart to your followers? Great, we’d love to help you curate it. If the ideas aren’t exactly flowing, we’ll take the challenge. For you and your company, we trudge through the information jungle that is the World Wide Web, looking for content jewels. Our copywriters, graphic designers and video specialists are eager to prepare content in the most suitable form for your media channels and audience. All content is captured in an editorial schedule. You can take a look at the editorial calendar at any time and see which content is published in which channel (social media, blog or newsletter), and when. No matter how comprehensive your resources for content marketing are – you’ll stay on top of things when outsourcing this area.

Social Media Marketing

Being active on social media channels means making time for your customers – we will gladly look after this important field of marketing for you. To get the beat out of you social media presence, we will develop a content strategy as well as a workflow for publishing and feedback with you in a workshop. You will stay on top of planned content and can decide for yourself what should be published.

Mobilisation Campaigns

Social media marketing is at its most effective and pleasant if you have active fans and followers. To retain them as well as gain new ones, we recommend ongoing mobilisation campaigns as well as putting them at the start of your social media activities. Contests or raffles lend themselves to this; but even better are innovative, creative ideas that will command social network users’ attention.

Monitoring & Analysis

It’s easier to make business decisions when you have facts to base them on. Using Google Analytics, we can tell you who visits your website and where they’re coming from. Using Reputation Monitoring, we can tell you who’s talking about your company in social networks, on blogs, news portals and forums. You’ll be able to constantly optimise client relations, keeping you one step ahead of the competition.

Google Analytics

E-Mail Marketing

You want to keep clients and prospects up to date? With your help, we will develop a sophisticated e-mail marketing strategy and a precise target audience segmentation so that you can give your subscribers the information they’re actually interested in. We’ll take care of optimised content and design and can also distribute your e-mails for you.