Upper Austrian Expo: 2015 Special Exhibition

We launched the entire online campaign surrounding the Upper Austrian Expo’s 2015 Special Exhibition.

The Challenge

The Upper Austrian Expo decided on increased use of online advertising channels in 2015, prompted by the Special Exhibition “help. Risks and Chances in Life – Social Security in Austria” in Gallneukirchen. This multi-faceted and polarising topic was to be presented succinctly in social media and online ads without oversimplifying the issues. Another goal was to encourage potential visitors to find out more.

Our Service

We developed a comprehensive online marketing mix for the 2015 Special Exhibition. We conceptualised a content strategy for the newly launched Facebook channel www.facebook.com/Landesausstellung and implemented it. We also took care of e-mail marketing for the event and ran display ads, Facebook ads, and Google AdWords. In cooperation with agency Die Wachstumsberater, we designed banner ads and a YouTube PreRoll ad. In addition, we produced a video about the Special Exhibition.

The Special Exhibition’s Facebook presence had to be interesting and entertaining. So we decided to create content that consisted of more than just information about the event itself. We picked up on the main topic, “help”, and broke it down to a very personal level: On the Facebook page, we portray a variety of people who contribute to the Austrian social system, in their jobs or as volunteers. We took photographs of these people in their familiar working environment and interviewed them about their work. We periodically publish an especially interesting, emotional or entertaining quote alongside a photo, creating a mosaic of Upper Austrian helpers that is more than the sum of its parts.  

As for e-mail marketing, we sent out newsletters to interested parties in three flights: Shortly before the opening of the Special Exhibition, a reminder after a few months, and shortly before the closing in autumn. This ensured newsletter subscribers stayed up-to-date without being bombarded with e-mails.

To advertise the Special Exhibition online, we produced banner ads based on the existing design and ran them in display campaigns. We defined target groups with a variety of criteria and targeted our ads precisely to make sure we addressed interested parties. In addition, we created Facebook ads and Google ads and implemented the campaign.

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