Motion Graphics Stiegl Sustainability Report

Wir kreierten ein Motion-Graphics-Video, das den aktuellen Stiegl-Nachhaltigkeitsbericht visuell darstellt.

The Challenge

Each year, Stiegl releases a sustainability report detailing the company’s ecological, recycling and staff development measures and accomplishments. The most recent report was to be published as an animated video as well as in print format. The video was to inform stakeholders as well as consumers about the topic in an entertaining way.

Our Service

Moving images are worth a thousand printed words: We accompanied Stiegl on its way to a unique sustainability video report. In cooperation with the client, we developed a content-related and visual concept and implemented it. A series of videos was produced: First off, a comprehensive video for use on Stiegl’s website conyeying all relevant information. For dissemination on Facebook, we produced a trailer lasting only 30 seconds (in accordance with the medium’s properties) and pointing users to the longer video on the website. In addition, we produced a handful of short videos, each showcasing one aspect of Stiegl’s sustainability intitiatives, presenting the topic in a comprehensive yet pointed way.

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