whatareyoufor smart

Pulpmedia launched a Facebook campaign that conveyed a positive, urban attitude and connected it to smart Austria.

The Challenge

2014 was the year of the international smart campaign #WhatAreYouFOR. It conveyed a positive attitude (by asking what people are FOR as opposed to what they are against) and connected it with the smart brand. This international campaign was to be adapted to the Austrian market and rolled out via Facebook.

Our Service

One part of the #WhatAreYouFOR campaign was “Loving the City” – we chose to focus our Austrian campaign on this aspect. Using targeted Facebook ads, we addressed inhabitants of the 30 largest Austrian cities, asking them what they liked about their town. The results were used to generate content for new ads. In addition, we travelled to seven Austrian cities in a smart forfour, asking passers-by to take a seat and tell us what makes their city special. This was turned into seven city videos as well as one combination video expressing smart’s urban lifestyle.

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