Mercedes-Benz @SecretOf99

For the launch of the new CLA Shooting Brake, we sent Austria’s Twitter community on a breath-taking quiz hunt.

The Challenge

With its slogan “Designed for Urban Hunting”, the Mercedes-Benz CLA Shooting Brake stands for the urban hunting instinct, unbridled curiosity, and thirst for adventure. We were to conceptualise and implement a spectacular social media campaign for this model that would arouse people’s curiosity. The target group: urban, modern, and constantly exploring the unknown.

Our Service

We decided to explore virtually unknown territory for the CLA Shooting Brake and conceptualised the Twitter quiz hunt @SecretOf99 – an online adventure to challenge Austria’s Twitter community. With no clue as to who was behind the mysterious Twitter account, followers had to solve puzzles and find locations all over Austria. The best of the best embarked on an unexpected journey: Throughout a one-day madcap scavenger hunt, they had to solve a myriad of mysteries – the winner took the CLA Shooting Brake home for 99 days.

In May of 2015, the mysterious Twitter account @SecretOf99 appeared and promised exciting things to come: “You think you are clever? We challenge you! Follow us and take part in the big hunt!” Users following the account received puzzles via direct message that had them solve riddles and identify the geo-coordinates of important places all around the world. The solutions included locations like Mount Everest, the Eiffel Tower and Burj Al Arab – always staying true to the Mercedes-Benz slogan: The best or nothing.

The best 100 participants went on to the next round: In phase 2, each player received a personalised map showing locations all over Austria. In these locations, players had to find the @SecretOf99 logo, geocaching-style. The associated codes, in turn, had to be sent to the Twitter account.

Only the best players reached the final, which had players travel to Linz on the 27th of June. A day full of challenges and quests lay ahead of them: riding a motorboat, ascending above the roofs of Linz, visiting a casino – the tasks just kept on coming, having the players collect letters of the alphabet in different locations around the city and put them in the correct order. Whoever was the first to tweet the solution #CLAShootingBrake was the winner. At 11 p.m., the spectacular day culminated in front of the beautifully lit Lentos Art Museum as the new CLA Shooting Brake drove up. The lucky winner was Anna Deutsch – her nerves of steel earned her the CLA Shooting Brake for 99 days.

The final tweet revealed the secret: Mercedes-Benz Austria and the CLA Shooting Brake were behind @SecretOf99. The landing page, thus far a touch point explaining the Twitter hunt’s rules, was redesigned to now showcase 99 benefits of the CLA Shooting Brake. These 99 facts were also tweeted by the @SecretOf99 and Mercedes-Benz Austria Twitter accounts.

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