360° Video Vienna Autoshow Mercedes-Benz Austria

Using a 360° video, we showcased Mercedes-Benz Austria's exhibition stand at Vienna Autoshow in a completely novel way.

The Challenge

Each year, Vienna is host to Vienna Autoshow, where car manufacturers present their latest models to the public – Mercedes-Benz Austria among them, of course. The 2016 Vienna Autoshow was to be used as an opportunity to include the online fan community and give them a special treat.

Our Service

We decided to showcase how Mercedes-Benz’ exhibition stand was being set up in a way never before seen: in a 360° video. Fans could experience the models being put in position as well as view a model from the inside. At any point, they themselves could choose which area to view and in which direction to look. On the one hand, fans who weren’t able to attend Vienna Autoshow could experience the fair online, while  visitors got an exclusive look behind the scenes.

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