Linda – Your Personal Real Estate Broker

Building upon our client’s basic start-up concept, we developed an online portal with an exceptional user experience from the ground up.

The Challenge

Our client was about to mix up the Austrian real estate market: Their new portal would replace the usual high brokerage commission with fair fixed prices. A real estate professional supports sellers/landlords throughout the entire process while they show the properties to prospective buyers themselves. Legal questions are then once again handled by the real estate professional. Buyers and tenants benefit from zero commission as well as exposés describing all properties in detail, providing for well-funded decisions.

Our Service

We developed our concept from the ground up, deciding to give the brand an actual personality. This personality turned out to be Linda – a real estate broker who is by your side whenever you need her. We designed the logo and the entire user-centric online portal, bringing Linda to life. We also made Linda’s launch campaign a success, comprising Google ads, Facebook ads as well as out-of-home advertising, namely city lights (urban out-of-home posters) and radio ads. Plus, we are in charge of Linda’s content marketing and social media marketing.

We personified the concept of a new kind of real estate brokerage by naming it “Linda”. Linda is a digital real estate broker, emphasising the fact that there’s always someone by the user’s side.

A new kind of real estate brokerage deserved a new kind of user experience. Searching for properties is almost playful – using tags, users simply enter all the keywords important to them and find their dream property.

Our Linda chatbot (right on the home page) provides an especially intuitive way to offer or search for properties. Using simple clickable choices, it guides users through the process, leading them to a prepopulated offer form (sellers/landlords) or to the search result (buyers/renters).

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