Hofer Video Marketing

We are responsible for Hofer’s video marketing.

The Challenge

Video content is essential to a comprehensive content strategy. That’s why Hofer was looking for a partner to produce video that would complement the company’s existing content. Since many of the Austrian grocery chain’s products cannot be comprehensively presented in photos and copy alone, video was the way to go to capture Facebook fans’ attention.

Our Service

Based on the client’s requirements, we quickly decided to create a comprehensive video marketing concept that would bring existing videos into the fold. We created a suitable platform distribution concept to provide the right content on the appropriate video platform. With an eye to Hofer’s product focus areas, we defined personas for whom we would produce video in a variety of playlists, always keeping specific niches in mind. We created six widely varied YouTube playlists and are creating video for them on a regular basis.


Hofer’s World of Gardening: Recycling kitchen scraps, creative ways to cultivate plants, growing herbs – you’ll find tips and tricks on all things gardening and crops in this playlist. A focus is on the creative use of Hofer products, showing what’s possible using the wide gardening product range and even how to co-opt some of the products for new and creative uses.

Cooking Box – Cooking with Kids: Cooking can be child’s play – as evidenced by this YouTube playlist. The selected recipes are healthy, delicious and easy – and children can cook them with just a tiny bit of help from their parents. Sausage rockets, bunny pancakes and tricolour dips – well-known recipes are presented in a way that’s visually appealing to kids. After all, cooking should be a feast for the eyes as well.

Dishes Serving 4 for Less Than € 10: As a discount store, you have to convince customers by offering savings. The “Dishes Serving 4 for Less Than € 10” playlist shows that inexpensive dishes can be varied and high-quality. From potato-asparagus-shrimp potpourri to cookie cups with Nutoka mousse – the recipes shown are easy to cook, diverse and seasonal. Fans of this playlist can easily try them out for themselves by finding the exact recipes in the video description.  

Hofer’s Crafting Box: This playlist shows how to creatively upcycle and recycle Hofer products – after all, many things are too good to go in the rubbish. PET bottles become rockets or flowerpots, empty tin cans turn into vases and egg cartons into Easter baskets. Our “Crafting Box” videos show you how.

Homemade Baby Food: This YouTube playlist shows fans how to make their own avocado or broccoli-salmon baby food, among many others. The recipes shown are cooked exclusively with Hofer products, always keeping in mind the absolute need for them to be suitable for babies and toddlers. The video description always indicates the ages the food is suited for.

Hofer’s Seasonal Tips: Easter, Christmas or Mother’s Day – this YouTube playlist builds on specific holidays. There’s arts and crafts, baking and cooking – all for one special occasion.  

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