Hofer Online Media

We plan out Hofer’s online campaigns regarding branding, product lines, special offers, and corporate responsibility.

The Challenge

For Hofer, online audiences need to be precisely targeted: These are individuals managing households who make purchasing decisions on the one hand; on the other hand, special offers need to be targeted to those interested in the specific product. Target audiences are to receive information pertaining to branding, products lines, special offers, and corporate responsibility.

Our Service

We conceptualise online campaigns that complement Hofer’s successful leaflets for a variety of offers. A combination of display advertising and performance marketing helps reach the ideal target audience while maintaining a broad reach as well.

Our online media campaigns utilise a variety of advertising materials for diverse target audiences, designed and implemented by us. Depending on the campaign on hand, we also put special automated ad forms as well as other ad forms to use.

In a second step, advertising materials are disseminated in an ideal environment using many targeting criteria. We reach the best possible target audiences and attain optimum performance – kitchen utensils, for instance, are promoted on websites featuring highly relevant content.

Campaigns with a focus on high market penetration – for instance, the campaign concerning Hofer’s sustainability project "2020" – are optimised via a variety of ad servers to achieve maximum reach while being perfectly cost-efficient.

In addition to ongoing campaigns, we support Hofer’s seasonal campaigns. We implement micro-sites and manage advertising – for instance, we conceptualised and implemented Hofer’s online advent calendar.

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