YouTube Channel BIPA

We helped BIPA to increase the existing YouTube channel’s popularity and use it as an advertising platform for BIPA’s online shop.

The Challenge

Chemist’s chain BIPA wanted to increase engagement on their established YouTube channel as well as make YouTube fans aware of their online shop in a more efficient manner. A YouTube Custom Gadget lent itself to these goals, allowing for microsite integration directly on YouTube – similar to Facebook’s page tabs. An additional challenge was categorising and tagging the existing comprehensive YouTube content.

Our Service

To ensure a high degree of user-friendliness for our YouTube Gadget “BIPA.TV”, we categorised the existing content into playlists. To point fans to the new channel, we inserted annotations into the existing videos, drawing YouTube users’ attention to BIPA.TV. The custom tab is connected to an online shop interface so product information is continuously updated. Product images automatically show current prices as well as up-to-date product descriptions. In case of design changes to the product, the slider image changes automatically as well.

We used annotations to point users to the products used in makeup tutorials. Featured beauty products are showcased in a slider underneath. If a user is interested in a specific product, they can click on the image, which leads them to the online shop to purchase the product. If they are interested in all featured products, a “Buy All Products” button provides the option to put the products into the online shop's cart automatically.

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